Dalhousie Golf Club’s 150th anniversary

The curtain has fallen on a six-month series of events to celebrate Dalhousie Golf Club’s 150th anniversary.

The club was fundamental in the organisation of golf across the links and the event started with 120 members and guests competing in a tournament on the Championship Course.

A putting competition followed, before guests were offered a tour of the Dalhousie Suite at Carnoustie Golf Hotel to see memorabilia and find out more about the club’s story since the inaugural meeting of the 20 original members who formed the club back in 1868.

A formal dinner took place on Friday evening with 130 guests including members from Secession in South Carolina, Brookline in Massachusetts, Royal Dublin and almost a score of clubs from England.

Speakers at the dinner were Professor David Purdie who has written humorous books on golf and academia and former criminal defence lawyer Bill Copeland who is much-sought after on the circuit .

Captain Donald Ford said: “This was the main event of the entire year and has been in the planning since 2013.

“It brings the curtain down on what has been a fantastic 150th anniversary for the club.

“The milestone coinciding with what was a memorable 2018 Open was even more special and everyone is still talking about Francesco Molinari’s maiden victory.

“We had representatives from more than 50 clubs at the dinner including local members and Lady Associate members from Dalhousie Golf Club."

“It’s the perfect way to end six months that we will never forget.”

Dalhousie Golf Club’s celebrations started back in March when the club’s legacy was etched into the very fabric of Carnoustie’s Championship course.

An engraved water feature was installed on the 16th tee.

The courses at Carnoustie are laid out on land largely acquired from the Earls of Panmure and Dalhousie and, in lesser measure, from Carnoustie House Estate.

As membership of the new club grew rapidly in the early months of 1868, the promoters wrote to Lord Dalhousie for permission to play golf on Carnoustie Links and choose an adjacent site for the clubhouse.

From the date of Lord Dalhousie’s approval to the present day, successive Earls of Dalhousie have held the title of Patron of the Club.

The present Lord Dalhousie – who is the present holder of the title – was also in attendance during the celebrations and presented the prizes for the golf tournament held earlier in the day.